Faysal Itani and Tobias Schneider examine how and why international community must begin the political project of rebuilding Syria before it is too late. Itani and Schneider state:

“There are a number of reasons for the US and the international community to begin reconstruction planning even absent a viable political solution in Damascus: First, the war may not yield political outcomes these parties would prefer to engage with anytime soon, namely a strong central government able to govern fairly and effectively with popular consent. Second, the development model for Syria need not and probably cannot be based on a strong, centralized state anyway. Even if the opposition were defeated, much of the country would remain outside effective regime control. The government will, in any case, lack the capacity to govern all of Syria for the foreseeable future. Nor would a classic, state-centric strategy necessarily be the wisest one even if it were possible: It is well known that in the past, the Syrian government privileged certain regions of the country over others in order to strengthen internal regime stability.”

Find the full article here: Atlantic Council